Group Exercise

Sam James

Sam is a Qualified personal trainer specialising in Rehabilitation, disability and seated fitness. She has been working in these specialist areas since 2013.

Sam originally trained through Instructability, who aim to train up disabled people to be able to work within the fitness and leisure industry.

Sam herself has mild cerebral palsy and this has helped her work in her specialist areas as she has the empathy and understanding that her clients are going through. She has had amazing results with both her PT clients and those who attend her classes. Also, she has a fantastic relationship with many professionals in the area including physiotherapists at GWH and private Neuro physiotherapists and our own Danny.

In 2019, Sam won and came Runner-up at the National community fitness awards, she won Equity and Diversity Instructor of the year, and came 3rd Runner-up in female instructor of the year. Which she still is in shock at!

Sam became the first disabled fitness presenter in the U.K. and has presented at the UK’s biggest fitness conventions including IFS, Move It, Elevate, LIW and Project Mayhem Ribby Weekenders. She is a Clubbercise Master Trainer and has helped the brand become fully inclusive and accessible. She has trained up various disabled instructors up to teach the format, and continues to support all instructors in helping their classes be fully accessible.

Sam also works within the community Health and well-being team at Swindon borough council, working as a sports coach with disadvantaged groups across Swindon, which includes those with disabilities, family weight management programme, those with poor mental health and those who are socially isolated.

Sam has been teaching various formats since 2013 but is bringing a brand-new format to Swindon and Washbourne house.

RockBox is a boxing cardio with drum stick toning workout to rock music. Sam did the training without attending the class due to how inclusive the brand is and can be done standing up or sitting down. It has received NHS funding up North for its benefits on rehabilitation, mental health & general wellness. It is known as a therapy workout where you eliminate all of your stresses/worries during the class. Sam has had fantastic feedback about it already from doing it seated at various day provisions & charities across Swindon.


Day Time Information
Monday 19:30-20:15 [1]

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[1] Contact the team member directly by email or phone.