Injury Assessment And Treatment

Russell Jenkins – LCSP (Phys)

He has over 25+ years’ experience as a fully qualified Sports Injury Therapist, specialising in injury treatment and prevention. He carries out more than 2,400 treatments a year.

His philosophy is very simple, it is to treat the problem not the symptom. His belief is that all injury is a result of ‘postural muscle imbalance’. This can and is caused by work, sport, illness, surgery and accidents, all resulting in certain muscles getting too tight while others are overstretched and weak, ultimately causing the joints in your body, particularly the pelvis to be pulled out of shape. This then resets the ‘muscle memory’ which will cause dysfunction of your joints until retrained to correct the problem.

He works purely on referrals and his patients range from professional athletes to the weekend sportsman, from a 3-year-old child to a 90-year-old adult. Russell will treat anyone, at any age and from any profession. One thing that they all have in common is an injury that has caused structural and soft tissue damage.

Consultants, Doctors and other physical therapists regularly refer patients to him, generally when all else has failed. He works on changing patients’ attitudes to their injuries and then not only does he treat them, but he empowers them with the skills of strengthening, stretching and, if required, dietary advice to put the patient in control of their problem and not the problem controlling the patient!


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Monday 12:00-22:00 [1]
Tuesday 09:00-17:00 [1]
Wednesday 12:00-22:00 [1]
Thursday 09:00-17:00 [1]
Friday 12:00-22:00 [1]

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