Sports Massage and Holistic Therapies

Michelle Hughes

"I have a passion to make people feel better, to enable them to live their life as good as they can."

Sports massage is more than a massage and can be for anyone, it's looking at the body as a whole and assessing what is going on before discussing a treatment plan, applying the massage and a follow-up action plan to ensure maximum recovery. Michelle's clients range from a young ballet star, to builders, runners and older clients that want to keep moving.

She comes from an active background and used to be in the British Ski Team. Currently, she enjoys running, walking, RPM and body balance, so she appreciates the importance of staying active.

Michelle also specialises in Pregnancy and Post Natal massage. As she has a little one herself it has made her appreciate how wonderful a women's body is but also how much they go through. So if you have tight shoulders from feeding or a sore back from carrying a little one she is here to help you. Pregnancy massage can be carried out from the second trimester and is carried outside lying.

She also offers Indian Head Massage and Hot Stone Massage.


Day Time Information
Monday 1730-19:30 [1]
Thursday 17:30-19:30 [1]
Friday 15:00-17:00 [1]

Timetable Note:

[1] Contact the team member directly by email or phone.