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Jayne Renals

Jayne has been fortunate enough to have had two amazingly rewarding careers, hery first was in the hair & beauty industry where she ran her own businesses for many years. When her husband became ill resulting in brain damage she had so many questions with very little understanding. First, she researched and studied alone, moving onto training in counselling studies and life coaching, which enabled her to help many people, but she was aware that we live in a fast pace world and people wanted faster results, they didn’t have the time or desires to attend sessions for many months.

She continued her quest studying (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming and Professional Hypnotherapy discovering a Rapid Solution approach that was often less intrusive or painful for the client resulting in change and longevity. During this time, she became aware of somatic energy and started training in this field elevating her previous knowledge, experience and personal ability’s to new levels.

Her clients are of all ages and backgrounds, approaching her with all sorts of problems they are experiencing across emotional and physical pain, habits, addictions, anxiety, depression and so on the list is endless, no issue being experienced is too large or small. The problem she sees in so many is that they are living by past knowledge, rules and limitations that no longer serve them, in fact they were often not theirs in the first place. By drawing on her wealth of knowledge and experience she has created her own unique approach to hypnosis that easily guides them through discovery, understanding, acceptance and creativity providing long-term change which often only requires one session and which allows them to move their life forward rapidly making conscious progress.

Certifications currently held that provide a framework for her methodology are; Master Practitioner of NLP, International Professional Life Coach & Mentoring, Professional Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis, Counselling studies, Meditation Instructor, Therapeutic Art Life Coach and Sound, Tuning fork and Biofield Therapist.


Day Time Information
Tuesday 13:00-17:00 NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching [1]
1st Tuesday of the month 10:00-17:00 Sound Bath [1]
1st Wednesday of the month 10:00-22:00 Sound Bath [1]

Timetable Note:

[1] Contact the team member directly by email or phone.