Injury Assessment And Treatment

Danny Clayton

Danny is a practising Advanced Sports Therapist, trained in a wide-range of various health-care techniques and philosophies, with 9+ years of industry experience.

His approach is often slightly differs to what many are used to. With an emphasis on patient empowerment, self-management and education, he has successfully treated clients ranging from the inactive, the ‘weekend warrior’, to full-time international athletes.

His aim, through working together with his patients, is to relieve pain, regain movement, improve health and – importantly – prevent injury reoccurring, regardless of age, occupation, or sporting activity (or lack of!).

He is highly qualified in both Sports Therapy and Sport and Remedial Massage Therapy, as well as Osteopathic Articulation Techniques™.

For athletes, he has carried out International Bike Fitting Institute approved training, and offers an in-house 3-step bike fitting service. He also offers gait analysis and retraining.

Danny currently hosts the only ‘Strength and Conditioning Workshops for Runners’ in the area.

He currently host the only ‘Strength and Conditioning Workshops for Runners’ in the area.

Clinical interests include neurological conditions.


Day Time Information
Monday 10:00-22:00 [1]
Tuesday 10:00-22:00 [1]
Wednesday 10:00-17:00 [1]
Thursday 10:00-22:00 [1]
Friday 10:00-14:00 [1]

Timetable Note:

[1] Contact the team member directly by email or phone.