Group Exercise

Bonny Prim

Bonny is a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher and has been practicing yoga personally for over 7 years as well as teaching for over 3 years in Swindon.

Bonny had her own health challenges in the past and used yoga, meditation and mindfulness to support her journey. This has been so important in recent times with the need to focus on our mental health as much as the physical.

Yoga has no links to religion but is often seen as a spiritual and therapeutic practice that can support your overall wellbeing. Many other practitioners will refer clients to me as yoga can help with flexibility, balance as well as wellbeing.

Sometimes people will say ‘well I’m not very bendy so I don’t think I can do Yoga’; Bonny's response to them is always ‘if you knew how to swim would you take swimming lessons?’ and they always understand then Yoga is a practice, and it is something that improves overtime.

Bonny is passionate about introducing as many people as she can to Yoga in the hope that you fall in love with it like she did. Her classes are friendly and inclusive, and everyone is welcome.

Bonny has worked with lots of people - many with varying health challenges, but there isn’t anything that we can’t address and work on together to improve.


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[1] Contact the team member directly by booking via her website.